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Netizens blasts ‘Aboy Kamay na Pangarap’ for another cringe-worthy scene

LionhearTVOctober 11, 2022

Several netizens with some medical practitioners blasted Kapuso afternoon drama Abot Kamay na Pangarap anew over its cringe-worthy scene.

In a video clip shared by GMA Drama on Saturday, October 8, the series’ characters Analyn (Jillian Ward) and Zoe (Kazel Kinouchi) got featured in a verbal scuffle on who among them deserves to be the chief resident of AMEX Medical Center. Characters highlighted their med school achivements to insult one another and ended up defining what a frontal lobe is.

The scene didn’t sit well with many netizens, especially in the medical field.

Netizen and doctor Harold Henrison slammed the series in a tweet, saying the particular scene is one the “many cringe ‘wag po naten tularan’ moments.” for using achievement to insult one another.

“Again, one of the many cringe “wag po naten tularan” moments. disagree to use achievements and academics to insult a colleague (applies to both of them). Administrative positions and titles come with countless added responsbilities and daily battles, ready for that?!”

@jasonnnntttt also called out the scene saying one’s achievement in med school is not the be all end all of being a chief resident because there are people who can achieve higher positions despite their performance in school.

“‘Walang wala ka sa akin nung med school’ lol as if it’s the basis of everything. People can still do well no matter what their performance is during med school. Cringe.”

Another doctor netizen Martin Bravo, also questioned the scene saying with the doctor’s precious time during residency, there are no room to engage in “useless fights.” He even advised the production to watch the KDrama Hospital Playlist and see how they’re doing medical drama without the cringe.

“Proud kayo dito? I know you are trying to put some shock value into it but doctors are not this petty. We barely have time to sleep during residency to engage in useless fights. Watch hospital playlist because that is how you do medical dramas without the cringe.”

@nicopajes, meanwhile, laughs off the scene saying in real life, both of the character won’t be considered to be the chief resident unless there are only two students in their batch.

“sa totoong buhay wala sa dalawang to ang magiging chief res unless dalawa lang sila sa batch lol.”

Some netizens, on the other hand, tweeted how cringey the scene was.

“HAHA LMAO cringe….and why are they spewing Neuroanatomy in conversations lol. Even neuro residents don’t do that haha!” @heybabytoy.

“this scene is not even camp it’s just straight up painful to watch,” tweeted @vlemoccdmo.

“Bukod sa nonsense yung away, medyo cringe every time they say “chief resident” cause who actually says the whole word in a casual conversation?????? Hahahahaha,” @noelquintz commented.

“i wonder what’s the psychology behind why filipino teleserye content always leans into catfights and superiority complex themes while medical kdramas are focused on feel-good themes,” said @hanniemolina.

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