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Janella Salvador’s first transformation as Valentina trends online

LionhearTVSeptember 2, 2022

The anticipation for Salvador’s first transformation as Valentina was well-reflected online, with topics and hashtags linked to the show making it on Twitter’s top trending chart.

Janella Salvador was all over the news and on several platforms, on Thursday, September 1, in anticipation of her first transformation as Darna’s ultimate nemesis, Valentina. 

She had several guest appearances on several TV channels, including TV5, PIE Channel, and CNN Philippines–before the anchoring stint on TV Patrol’s Star Patrol segment.

On Twitter, netizens were undeniably ecstatic over the actress’s first transformation as Valentina, with many of them talking about Salvador’s fierce take on the iconic villain role, and the momentum leading to the much-talked-about transformation.

Twitter user, @richardmz13, summed up all his adoration for Salvador and her take on the iconic role, in a tweet.

“Supervillain. Serpent Queen. The role of a lifetime.

Janella Salvador has *FINALLY* debuted as one of the rare actresses who’ve embodied #Darna’s nemesis — the iconic VALENTINA

great Sss-start to Sss-September for all Valentina apologists! #DarnaValentina,“ his caption reads.

Lana similarly could not hide her excitement as she described Salvador’s transformation.

…so beautifully creepy”, she said.

Jem certainly took the chance of knowing the Twitterverse he had his attention fixed on Janella that nighht.

“Like for VALENTINA APOLOGIST ATTENDANCE” his tweet reads.

“So all this time, Regina isn’t totally aware about what happened? She’s totally shocked,” exclaimed @simpforjanella, a reaction much of the netizens had.

ABS-CBN DID IT AGAIN!!!. Kudos also to Janella Salvador you really give justice to Valentina’s character!! “ said Luffy, who was surely in awe of Salvador’s creepy yet beautiful transformation.

The show’s official hashtag #DarnaValentina peaked at no. 2 on the local chart, by 9:00 pm, with more than 10,000 tweets. 

Topics, Regina and Janella also made it to the Top 30 most talked about topics.

On YouTube, concurrent viewers for the highly-anticipated episode peaked at more than 210,000.

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