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Netizens notice something different in Darna’s costume

LionhearTVSeptember 1, 2022

Through a tweet of a netizen on Tuesday, August 30, netizens noticed something different in Darna’s costume.

A netizen shared two photos of Darna portrayed by Jane De Leon. He claimed that there were differences in Darna’s costume.

In the comments section, other Twitter users also agreed with his post.

Through a Facebook post on Wednesday, August 24, Ian Villa, who claimed himself as the Script Supervisor of the Darna series, explained why Darna wore different versions of emblems in the show.

This was his response to netizens who wondered why Darna’s emblem had two different designs.

He explained, “Fun ng comment section kasi ang daming theories ng viewers w regards to Darna having 2 different versions ng emblem ha ha ha ha ha (I think 3 pa nga ata). Tuldukan natin yan!

Villa explained that De Leon wore two versions of her costume in the show: the unapproved and final designs.

He said, “As the Script Supervisor of the show, main concern ko yan (malamang dahil super obvious ang differences deva) pero kasi its more of the late approval of its final design w the Ravelos while we have already scheduled (and shot) some Darna fight scenes using the unapproved one. So sino ba naman aq versus the creators diba?!?!! Hahaha “free pass” at/o “creative license” ang itatawag natin sa mga ganyang ganap.”

He added, “Anyway, favorite theory ko ay kapag daw lumilipad si Darna ay iba ang itsura ng emblem nya at iba rin kapag naka-fight mode sya. Ha ha ha ha ganda! Good morning! ☕️”

Darna’s episodes last week showed Regina bearing the brunt of her father’s harsh castigation for her failure to topple down Zaldy. Plagued by Leonor’s apparitions, Narda found the strength and courage to continue her late mother’s fight.

Ding brimmed with joy when he reunited with Leonor, only to find himself in a precarious situation as he realized the truth. Trying to prove herself to her father, Regina racked her brains as she came up with ways to win her new case.

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