Joel Torre was nervous in doing Barumbadings? Playing Mother Joy served as his ‘wake-up call’

LionhearTVOctober 14, 2021

Established actor Joel Torre admitted in the virtual media conference of Barumbadings on October 13 that he was nervous about playing Mother Joy in the movie. At the same, it was a wake-up call for him.

The actor shared that he said to the movie’s director, Darryl Yap, that he has reservations about playing his character right.

“Kasi sabi ko, ‘direk kinakabahan ako kasi ayokong maging fake ang kalalabasan ng character.’ So in-explain n’ya sa akin. Sabi n’ya, ‘kung kinakabahan ka, that means I’ve succeeded already.'”

His portrayal of Mother Joy also made him realize that the gay community also has “politics.”

“Tapos sinabi n’ya na in the gay world, may politics din eh and there’s generation gap. Iba yung pananaw ng mga bading noong araw at tsaka yung ibang bading in this generation.

“So ‘yan, naging wake up call para sa akin na ‘ah mayro’n palang ganoon, may politics din in the gay world.'”

Furthermore, Torre said that Barumbadings is not an ordinary film about screaming gays. There is so much behind it that involves social drama.

“Nakakatawa s’ya. It’s silly, funny, but somehow true. Matatawa ka dahil mare-realize mo na it’s true, it’s a comedy by recognition,” he said.

He also became knowledgeable about the difference between the old-school gays and the gays of today, saying that the former was more of “submissive” while the latter was a “fighter.”

“It’s very clear in the movie that’s why Barumbadings na ‘resbakan natin’. It’s not just about ‘accept na lang tayo, tahimik na lang tayo.'”

Although he had learned a lot from the movie, Torre confessed that he now sympathizes with women’s struggles, such as wearing bras or high heels.

“Aside from the physicality ano, first time ko sa tanang buhay ko na magsuot ng bra. So that’s one. I emphatize with the women how uncomfortable it is. First time ko rin I think na nagsuot ako nang eyelashes.”

The actor also struggled to deliver his emotions as feminine as they can be.

“Doon ako nahirapan talaga sa mga emotional na eksena. But at the same time, ide-deliver mo in a very feminine way. So your feelings were very manly pero kailangang ilabas mo in a very feminine way, na with mascara smearing and everything.”

Although there were struggles, Torre said he had fun doing the movie.

“But it was fun. All the scenes I really enjoyed kasi lahat sila was a challenge for me,” he noted.

Joining him in Barumbadings are Jeric Raval, Mark Anthony Fernandez, and Baron Geisler. Catch the film on November 5, only on Vivamax.

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