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Sam Concepcion’s not reaching his peak is yet a “good thing” for him

LionhearTVNovember 1, 2022

On October 25, artist-singer Sam Concepcion said that he considers not reaching the peak of his showbiz career yet a ‘good thing.’

At the media conference for his contract renewal with Viva Artist Agency, which LionhearTV covered, Concepcion explained that reaching the peak of his career would stump his growth as an artist.

“It depends kasi on what metric you will use like–what a peak is, kasi nga, I’m on many different lanes. You can measure that in different ways. Pero, if one would say na, I haven’t reached my peak, I think that’s a good thing. 

“Kasi if I had reached my peak, wala na akong ibang kailangan gawin, or there’s no other ways to go. I really felt that there’s so much to do. I have so much to learn and experience. 

“I’m in the best position that/ I’ve ever been, para sa akin.”

He then discussed the several art forms he was working on as an artist, starting with the theatrical production of Joseph the Dreamer.

“I think kasi ‘yung Viva– ‘yung Joseph the Dreamer, theater, we did it in 2020. But before that, ten years na akong hindi nagti-theater eh, so ‘yung return ko to theater was just for Joseph the Dreamer. 

Nagkaroon ng lockdown, so we didn’t get to continue, but we continued noong pwede na which is this year. And we will do a rerun this November. 

“I wouldn’t say that I would full–a hundred percent go with theater shows kasi you know, there’s very/ limited ‘yung number ng shows that are out. But when I do get the chance, ginagawa ko siya.”

He also talked about his music and performing career, citing his recent birthday concert.

“The music, never goes away. The singles, hindi po mawawala sa akin ‘yun kasi I think at the core, ‘yun naman po talaga ako. And do concerts– I just did a concert noong October 21. I did a show called ‘Get Down’ sa Powermax Center. It was parang a birthday thing na rin and to end the year with a concert.”

He then clarified that he actively chose not to remain in a single lane as an artist.

“As much as I can, I never really parang went just to one lane, kasi feeling ko hindi ako ganong type ng artist, for me. So ano lang, ang challenge para sa akin is when to portion time for it. 

“Kailan ako gagawa ng movies, kailan ako gagawa ng song, kailan ako gagawa ng theater. That’s a challenge for me every year na kung paano idi-divide, or kung paano namin iju-juggle ‘yung iba’t ibang mga bagay. Pero, I don’t think I would ever find myself na isa lang ‘yung ginagawa.”

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