Welcome to Online Station—home to the Philippines’ next biggest influencers and creators! - TrueID

Welcome to Online Station—home to the Philippines’ next biggest influencers and creators!

TrueID ClickAugust 2, 2021


Photo credit: OnlineStation/Philippines

By Jerald Uy

Justice League has the Watchtower, the Avengers have the Stark Tower. But what about the finest up-and-coming and young Pinoy digital creators? We’ve got Online Station! 

Online Station (OS) Philippines, powered by True, heeds the need for influencer and creator management in the country.

To give everyone a preview of what the new crash pad for digital creators is all about, Kita-Clicks' “7.28” virtual party assembled OS' top talents: Tiktokerist Ryle Santiago, influencer Richard Juan, and Filipino alternative rock band Mayonnaise. 

Winners of content pitching competition Baicon Festival also joined in the fun—Maan Cayabyab, the so-called Marie Kondo of Online Station Philippines; Denise Dar-Juan, the director behind Aling Minerva’s Online Kulam; and Baicon’s grand winner, Your Typical Pinay Millennial Mom Jelyn Patricio.

The event also played a video showcasing some of the content creators who have joined Online Station that include TV hosts, bloggers, sports enthusiasts, game streamers, comedians, and musicians.

As GenZs and millennials actively look for people to look up to online since the lockdown began, Online Station Philippines connects influencers to brands and manages collaborations among creators here and in other Southeast Asian countries. (ICYDK: Online Station started in Thailand.)

Current and aspiring influencers and content creators can sign up with Online Station Philippines and join the hangout. Simply send a private message to Online Station Philippines Facebook page or email at os.philippines@truedigital.com.

ICYMI, watch the #OnlineStationPH728 event here

There's also a grand launch in the works so stay tuned on TrueID Click for more!

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