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LOOK: Robi Domingo tweeted subtly as a response to Zeinab Harake’s “walang market” statement

LionhearTVOctober 24, 2022

Robi Domingo was one of the personalities dragged into the online rift between social media vloggers Zeinab Herake and Wilbert Tolentino.

On October 23, Tolentino uploaded a YouTube video that exposed Harake’s unkind remarks toward her co-influencers, including a comment on the actor-host.

“Wag ung Robi Domingo… Walang market dun maloka ka dun shhh lang,” read on one of the screenshots revealed by the talent manager.

After the video went viral, Domingo tweeted with a series of emojis, “Oh wow. How true?”

Netizens believed that the cryptic response of the MYX VJ pertained to the unfriendly comment against him.

In a recent tweet, Domingo also shared a meme of Robi Domingo public market’ with a caption: “Akala mo wala, pero MERON, MERON, MERON!”

The people were amazed by the PBB host’s witty tweet amid the online mess between vloggers.

Aside from Domingo, influencers Alex Gonzaga, Ivana Alawi, Sanya Lopez, Jelai Andres, Donnalyn Bartolome, Toni Fowler, Sachzna Laparan, and others also received ‘foul’ comments from the social media babe.

Harake went on Facebook live to share her side of the story and expressed that she has already apologized to the personalities dragged into the mess.

“Naiintindihan nila. Lahat sila, nagsasabi, kilala ka namin, wala ‘yon… Hindi ako naghahanap ng kakampi dito. Ginawa ko lang ‘yung tama muna kasi may mga taong nadamay,” said Harake.

She added, “Wala ako ibang hihilingin ngayon sa mga taong nadamay kundi pasensya na. Kasi marunong ako humingi ng pasensya. At ‘yung paghingi ko ng pasensya, nanggagaling dito (puso). Hindi po ako nagsisinungaling. Pasensya na po kayo.”

In Harake’s defense over her comment on Domingo, she said that Tolentino always complains everytime he receives low engagement or subscribers from collabs with other influencers.

“Kaya ko naman sinabi ‘yon, bakit? Kasi nagrarant ka (Tolentino). Sinesend niya sakin, halimbawa may kacollab siya, kapag konti ‘yung views 2k lang. ‘1k lang ‘yung nadagdag sakin na subscribers, 500 subs lang,’ ganon ka magsalita,” said Harake.

The feud between the two vloggers started when Harake unfriended and unfollowed Tolentino, then published a cryptic post about two-faced people. The comments were pointing to the talent manager.

Soon after, Tolentino posted about the people who are ‘pa-victim’ and ‘user,’ which netizens believed was a response to Harake’s post.

On the same night, Fowler, Laparan, and Whamoscruz also went on Facebook live to share their insights about them. While, the other influencers who got namedropped have yet to comment on the issue.

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