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Netizens poked fun at Mikee Morada’s description of his wife Alex Gonzaga’s “generous, loving” traits

LionhearTVJanuary 19, 2023

Netizens are not surprised that Alex Gonzaga’s husband only has good words to say for her, despite the controversies she gets in.

During Alex Gonzaga’s birthday celebration last January 16, Morada delivered a sweet message to his wife, who later trended online after allegedly humiliating a service crew worker.

“I am very thankful dahil, akala nyo si Catherine makulit, nakakatawa Pero ang totoo, sa bahay, siya po ang nag-aalaga sa akin. She is very generous, and loving; she gives me vitamins every night. She prepares me food. Siya rin ang naglalaba, kaya am very thankful,” he shared, to the party’s attendees awe.

Many netizens took this as an effort to disprove claims that Gonzaga is ill-mannered, prima donna, and disrespectful. The younger sister of the multimedia star, Toni Gonzaga, has been the subject of viral videos and memes that reflected Alex as ‘the villain.’ But is it true Alex is the antagonist’? Many netizens agree she is. Maybe, why do they find Morada’s beautiful words about ‘The Entitled Star’ laughable?

Edi sana pina Billboard moyan! kasi the design is very powerful wife!,” posted a netizen on Facebook, alluding to the statement of Presidential Adviser for Creative Communications, Paul Soriano, for his wife, Toni Gonzaga. Last year, Soriano described his wife as “the most powerful celebrity in the country, right now.”

“Malamang dahil asawa ka nya? The issue here is how she treats other people. Ano ba Mikee Morada?“ tweeted @heyanyaforger, who did not find any irregularity in Morada’s sweet gesture, given it’s his responsibility as Gonzaga’s spouse.

Similarly, another commentator on Facebook, pointed out Morada’s being Gonzaga’s husband as the sole motivation behind his encouraging words for the controversial TV host-actress. “So ano? Ako ba dapat gumawa non..malamang MIKEE asawa mo yan aalagaan at pag sisilbihan ka nyan, “ she posted, drawing thousands of ‘haha’ reactions

“Nakakahiya naman po kung hindi asawa mo yung gagawa sayo nyan,” said another Facebook user, echoing several others who insisted it was just proper for Morada to pamper is wife with comforting sweet praises.

“Hahaha so kahit pala manampal ako ng random person in public, that’s okay… kasi i do my responsibilities for my partner like taking care of her when she’s sick. I’m a good person. I see, “ commented another Facebook user, alluding to the bad behavior Gonzaga allegedly did during her birthday celebration.

“Malamang asawa mo yan. Magugulat ako kung si Toni o Mommy nila nag aalaga sa’yo,” said someone who apparently would not get surprised unless it was Alex’s older sister or mother, taking care of the Lipa City councilor.

Another netizen, meanwhile, suggested that the couple to live in Pinoy Big Brother house to convince the public that the TV host-actress is loving and generous, as his husband claimed to be. 

“Edi sana sa PBB kayo tumira…. Para nakikita namin hahaha…. Tapos host ate nya direktor si Paul big brother Daddy nya 1 big happy family…” his post reads.

As of press time, neither Alex Gonzaga nor Mikee Morada has particularly responded to the allegations of mistreating a service worker, currently being hurled at the latter.

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