Arlene Muhlach defends Angel Locsin from Mon Cualoping’s ‘lacking brain cells’ remark

LionhearTVSeptember 16, 2021

On September 13, actress Arlene Muhlach defended Angel Locsin from the Undersecretary and Director-General of the Presidential Communications Office-Philippine Information Agency Mon Cualoping.

Muhlach commented on Cualoping’s post on facebook, and called out the Undersecretary for riding on Locsin’s popularity.

“Grabe, there are so many of your acquaintances that you can lambast that truly affects our lives as Filipinos, and here you go looking for someone who can UP your popularity by ruining what is pure and comes from the heart???!!! Nahanap mo pa talaga sya at ang comment nya??! wag naman ganun!! Wag manggamit para makilala.”

She also reminded Cualoping about the roles of public servants.

“Pwede naman sa malinis na paraan para mag-ingay at mapansin ng mga botante! Kailangan bang gumamit ng sikat na may kasabay na paninira?? Respeto naman! makapanlait ka grabe. Ayusin mo mundo mo. You are supposed to serve the Filipino people. Hindi maghanap ng sikat to ride their coattails via negativity.”

Cualoping replied to Muhlach, reaffirming his post earlier.

“The issue is plain and simple: No need to demonize the police force and business folks in order to highlight the heroism of our frontliners. Including you a comedian. I love watching your films because you are funny. So if you take Locsin’s words, you should be out of job in this pandemic. How irresponsible. How reckless.”

He also refuted Muhlach’s claims that he’s trying to gain popularity as a politician.

“I do not need to be popular because that’s not my job. In fact, it’s all of you giving me undue attention.”

Earlier, Cualoping wrote, “TO THOSE LACKING BRAIN CELLS.”

He then argued about being a taxpayer while working in the government. It was a response to Locsin’s post wherein she highlighted the value of frontliners.

AFP official red-tagged her  faced criticisms from IATF after the incident in her community pantry initiative in April 2021.

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