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Maxene Magalona admits making mistakes in her healing journey

LionhearTVNovember 20, 2022

Maxene Magalona didn’t hide her stumbling moment in her journey to healing.

After four years of marriage, she recently confirmed her separation from her husband, Rob Mananquil.

In a lengthy Instagram post on Wednesday, November 16, Magalona admitted that her healing journey is not easy because, “Damn. Just when I thought I was ‘getting healed,’ I go and have another embarrassing episode where I overthink + overreact out of nowhere 🤯 This is why we should NEVER get ahead of ourselves in our healing journey. It is a slow and syrupy process that requires a lot of patience, self-awareness and self-compassion.”

She also shared how she needed to be consistent in her routines and rituals, which she sometimes missed, causing her to stumble and get misaligned in her goal of healing.

“This is also why we really need to be consistent with our routines and rituals because having a daily spiritual practice can really help us keep ourselves as centered and balanced as possible. I admit that ever since I moved back into my apartment, I haven’t been practicing yoga and meditation as regularly as I should and this is what’s causing me to get triggered. My mind and body have been holding on to a lot of excess energy that needs to be released if I want to keep myself in alignment.”

She also admitted to committing mistakes, “So here I am, getting back up after another fall which is totally fine with me. Although I admit that it sucks when this happens because failing makes me feel like I’m a failure. Which I am not. I make mistakes but I am NOT a mistake. I completely understand that I am only human and that I will make mistakes one way or another in this lifetime. I just have to be patient with myself and rest in the knowing that I’m always trying and doing my best. That will always be enough to me because I know that I am enough.”

The couple, however, dismissed the issue as fake news, saying they are very much together.

Maxene Magalona is the ex-girlfriend of Locsin’s husband, Neil Arce.

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