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Jon Guelas talks about his family, Pinoy heritage

LionhearTVSeptember 6, 2022

On August 25, Filipino-British singer-songwriter Jon Guelas talked about his family and Pinoy heritage.

In an interview with the press, including LionhearTV, at the Fat Skillet in Tomas Morato, Guelas revealed that his mom, from Masbate, left his British father when he was seven years old.

“She’s originally from Masbate, our province. Growing up, they broke up when I was seven years old, so it was just me and my dad.”

He admitted that it was a difficult time for the young singer-songwriter.

“That is my stepmom pero she’s is my mom now. I don’t talk to my real mom so much, kasi she left–when I was seven and that was super difficult for me.”

Guelas stayed with his father, who found love with another Filipina from Marikina City.

“But then, my Dad found another Filipina lady, and she’s from QC, from Marikina.”

He then highlighted how his stepmom became the mother he always needed.

“I have a brother from my Mom and my Dad, my older brother, and it was super difficult for us to kind of feel/ abandoned, really. And then, I have my stepmom /now, who is the most amazing lady. My stepmom she’s like every person’s dream [as a] mother. She’s a typical Filipina, so loving, so caring, (and) so sweet. 

“I went through a difficult thing, and it turned out to be something beautiful, and now I have the most amazing family.”

As for his favorite Filipino food,“I really like sisig, ang sarap ng sisig, and for merienda, I like Turon. 

Guelas is also taking Tagalog lessons and hopes to write Filipino songs in the future.

“Yes, I write songs, sometimes I have my friends that help me, but yes, it’s all in English. But then, one day, I would like to go into Tagalog.”

Guelas moved to the Philippines six months ago to pursue a career in music. He then signed with Tarsier Records and became the first talent managed by Concert and Events director Frank Lloyd Mamaril.

He released singles such as Did I Let You Go, which is the theme for the Kapamilya digital series He’s Into Her. He also sang Out Of Love, Wonderland, and Work This Time.

Before coming to the Philippines, he joined X-Factor UK and became a part of a boyband. 

As for his upcoming single, Guelas hinted at his song Hardest Thing, which drops on September 16 on music streaming platforms. He also revealed plans to create an EP by November 2022.

As for music events, Guelas performed at the He’s Into Her concert at the Araneta Coliseum on August 27. He would also be taking the stage at the 1MX Concert event at Apps Court Farm, London, England, on October 1, 2022.

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