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BEWARE! Fake news peddlers against VP Leni Robredo gets fact-checked

LionhearTVOctober 26, 2021

Those who tried to destroy incumbent Vice President and presidential aspirant Leni Robredo’s image on October 24 get abrogated by netizens.

Manuel Majorda posted on his social media accounts how Robredo’s caravan kits contained a P100-bill to convince people to vote for her.

His accusation came after Robredo’s supporters launched a caravan on Sunday in support of the VP’s presidential campaign.

However, the claim from Mejorda was unearthed by Netizens. They pointed out that a man like him, who was convicted of four counts of libel, was arrested in 2019 and still has a pending warrant of arrest the audacity to defame Robredo.

After his accusations, a Netizen even concluded that Majorda would have “another libel case pending against him” after his charges.

Another fake news peddler got served after she posted the names of Robredo’s supporters present in the motorcade and accused them of being bribed for P15,000 to show their support for the Vice President.

In Davao City, Robredo’s supporters also organized a motorcade in support of her. This was lauded by a Netizen who described it as “courageous” given that the city was President Rodrigo Duterte’s turf.

Meanwhile, Robredo’s camp also dismissed the alleged “incentives” included in the caravan kits via her spokesperson, Atty. Barry Gutierrez.

“Happy Sunday! Happy post-Caravan day din. Sa sobrang solid kahapon, umagang-umaga may nakarating sa aming ganitong pics. Fake news na naman. Asahan natin ang ganitong paninira habang lumalakas at dumadami tayo,” he said on Twitter.

Also, her political campaign, Team Leni Robredo (TLR), released an official statement clarifying that there they do not resort to such methods.

“Ang budget natin, tiwala; ang makinarya natin, taong nagkakawang-gawa,” they said in the statement.

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