Did Ethel Booba [indirectly] call out Wilbert Tolentino for using Madam Inutz for his gain? - TrueID

Did Ethel Booba [indirectly] call out Wilbert Tolentino for using Madam Inutz for his gain?

LionhearTVAugust 29, 2021

Ethel Booba’s viral TikTok video seemed to attack Wilbert Tolentino, Madam Inutz’s manager.

The singer-comedienne subtly hinted that Tolentino is keeping Madam Inutz for himself.

The instant fame of Madam Inutz made dozens of celebrities and vloggers seek collaboration with her. However, with Tolentino as her talent manager, a request for partnership with Madam Inutz must first pass through him, making it very difficult to reach Madam Inutz personally.

A lot of speculations stated that Tolentino is only using Madam Inutz for his gains and agenda.

On a viral TikTok video of Ethel Booba featuring Boobsy Wonderland and company, they have acted out a scenario where fans are running after Ethel and eager to have their photos taken with her. But the fans were prohibited from doing so by the management for they do not have an appointment.

“Ano ‘to Justin Bieber? Huwag kang inutz ah,” Boobsy released a statement, somewhat a reference to Madam Inutz
“Eh ano kung ayaw ng management? Hindi naman ako ganung tao, di naman ako katulad ng iba,” Ethel stated.

According to rumors, Ethel and Boobsy attempted to reach out for a vlog with viral social media star, but they were not allowed by Tolentino. The two approached Madam Inutz’s team without first asking for permission.

On her newest vlog on YouTube, Ethel shared her side of the story on the viral TikTok video, saying that everything was a huge misunderstanding.

Ethel cleared she did not want to have a vlog collaboration with Madam Inutz. She only wanted to hang out with her.

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