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K-pop group TFN wants to collab with SB19, Darren Espanto

LionhearTVNovember 10, 2022

In a media conference on November 7, the nine-member K-pop boy group TFN revealed they are familiar with some Filipino artists, and they want to collaborate with them.

“We want to collaborate with P-pop groups. We want to show many performances with them,” said member-rapper On.

Member Kevin proudly declared that he was familiar with P-pop act SB19 and singer Darren Espanto.

The manager translated Kevin’s story that he discovered Espanto through the Filipino singer’s version of A Whole New World, which he practiced singing on his own. He discovered about SB19 through his friends, who made him listen to one of their songs.

Leader Noa echoed Kevin’s statement by saying, “If they want [a] collaboration then we want [to collaborate] too.” 

Member Leo emphasized that TFN is an all-rounded group, and they [always] want to try new music.

“We are an all-rounded group. We can express many things through music. Also this time, our members On, Kio, and Noa produced our songs, too.”

Member Gunwoo talked about their new song Amazon to give more information about them as a group.

“In our title song, ‘Amazon,’ we tell the story of the wild jungle amazon… modern people who overcome hardships even though they are living in a jungle-like environment.”

TFN is the first Korean group of artists to be invited to the Monitor Music Awards 2021, proving its hold in the Latin American region.

The boy group is in the Philippines to hold a back-to-back mall tour on November 12 in TriNoma and November 13 in Glorietta.

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