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Raymond Bagatsing recounts his experience stalking his crush when he was young

LionhearTVSeptember 11, 2022

On August 18, seasoned actor Raymond Bagatsing recounted his experience stalking his crush when he was young.

At the media conference for The Escort Wife with the press, including LionhearTV, Bagatsing said he would usually attend music gigs of the singers he had a crush on when he was younger.

“I used to stalk ‘yung mga crush ko before. Siguro may mga singers na nasa banda, I’d go to kung saan sila tumutugtog and wala lang, I’m very mahiyain, so parang torpe nga ako. Tingin-tingin lang ako sa labas, sa malayo ganon lang. And ‘yun na nga I don’t really remember too much kasi matagal na ‘yun.”

He then recounted the ‘wildest’ thing he has done as an actor.

“Wildest as an artista, I suppose ‘yung mga daring scenes, na mga love scenes, ‘yung mga wildest doon. It’s not easy to do. To bare, to be naked in front of the camera, Tapos ‘yung mga, siyempre ‘yung the crew, and the director, and your co-actor, it takes a lot of focus and concentration na hindi siya maka-apekto sa mga eksena.”

He also talked about his return to sexy films, citing that he’s working on a film masterpiece that included a sexy scene as part of its storytelling.

“It was never a choice for me to bumalik sa ‘sexy’ scene. It was just part of being an actor. Those scenes are part of the movie that/ was offered to me– that I liked the script. So it happens na may love scene, sex scene, so I don’t really see it as a sexy movie. I think it’s a masterpiece, written by Direk Yam (Laranas) and directed by Direk Paul (Basinillo). And I believe well acted by everyone in the cast.”

Janelle Tee and Ava Mendez.

Directed by Paul Basinillo, The Escort Wife premieres on Vivamax on September 16.

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