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Alex Gonzaga reacts to a netizen who makes jokes about her miscarriage

LionhearTVNovember 21, 2022

Alex Gonzaga responded to a netizen who wanted to make a joke about the miscarriage of her first baby.

In a tweet on November 17, one netizen said that he wanted to make a joke about Gonzaga’s miscarriage.

As a result, the TV host said that the netizen was free to do so and that she would even laugh about it.

“Pssst! Go lang if that will satisfy you I won’t mind I’ll be the first one to laugh pa. You’re welcome,” she said.

Another netizen then said that Gonzaga deserved what she suffered because she was an “attention-seeker.”  This made the TV host/actress respond, “Day madali lang yan problema mo e di wag mo ko pansinin.”

Joking about someone’s loss is never the right thing to do that is why one netizen defended Gonzaga.

“Hope you’ll feel better Ate Alex, this kind of topic is not joke at all. They’ll think na porket comedian ka, lahat ng nangyayari sa buhay mo nakakatawa na. Mga nakakaawang nilalang! Napag hahalataang walang nag mamahal sa kanila at puro inggit at laman ng katawan. We love you,” said the netizen.

Gonzaga then thanked the netizen and stated that the situation has no bearing on her.

On November 17, Gonzaga shared a screenshot of a netizen’s comment about making jokes about her miscarriage and stated that it is perfectly fine to do so.

Gonzaga is currently married to Mikee Morada, a Lipa City councilor. They’ve been married for over two years. Gonzaga experienced a miscarriage in October 2021.

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