OPPO continues venture into local esports scene with various projects


September 2, 2021

MANILA, Philippines — The ongoing pandemic has been a challenge, even in the heavily virtual esports industry. But it's not stopping mobile brand OPPO from continuing it's support of the local gaming industry.

“OPPO has seen how the esports and gaming scene continuously thrives despite the limitations brought about by this global health crisis. More Filipinos have picked up mobile gaming as a hobby and have been following mobile gaming tournaments such as the on-going MPL Season 8 tourney. With the growth in popularity of mobile gaming, we are committed to continuously support the mobile gaming industry and provide products that would enhance the mobile gaming experience of our users,” said Zen Han, OPPO Philippines vice president for National Sales.

Recently, OPPO launched it's new Reno6 phone series which the brand has boasted as "tailored-fit for mobile gaming". The Reno6 has a 6.43 inch screen display with a 8GB RAM + 128GB of ROM.

Other gaming features include Game Assistant with a Game Focus Mode that allow players to play without any distractions like notifications, calls or messages. it also features "Bullet Notifications" for those who still need to see notifications while playing but minimizes it as bullets instead of distracting banners while you play, and a Quick StartUp feature that lets the game run in the background for quicker load time when you play the app again.

OPPO also launched a monthly podcast focused on the gaming community — the OPPO Esports News Update.

It's hosted by the country's popular casters like Uomi, Asurai, and Renmar the Reptar with other casters in the line-up. The show features the top stories of the esports industry and highlights of ongoing tournaments.

Viewers could also enjoy the giveaways done throughout the show.

Keeping the gaming community engaged, OPPO has also created a private mobile gaming group called the OPPO Game On Community.

It is a safe space for gamers, professional or casual, to come together and share their love for esports. Currently, the group is having the Community Cup tournalemt for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) with a prize pool of up to P150,000 up for grabs while viewers could also win exlusive OPPO and MLBB merchandise.

Continuing their partnership with Mineski, OPPO continues with it's Monthly Super Cup where players try to out play one another in OPPO Blast, the mobile game exsluvie to OPPO devices and designed by Mineski Philippines. OPPO has said that there are more phone exclsuive games in the works.

“Mineski Philippines commends OPPO for their continued support for the gaming community, offering world-class mobile phones for both professional and casual gamers. Looking ahead to the rest of the year, we are excited to deliver new event concepts and fan engagement activities that will elevate the gaming experiences of Filipinos, in the comforts of their own home,” said Country Manager of Mineski Philippines, Mark Navarro.


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