If she happened to be the president’s mother… Pilar Pilapil gives Pres. Rodrigo Duterte some advice


March 9, 2021

Veteran actress and former beauty queen Pilar Pilapil shared some advice for President Rodrigo Duterte.

During the virtual media-con of GMA Network‘s First Yaya, she was asked if she happened to be the president’s mother, what advice can she tell him?

She answered that the president should be more careful with his words.

“The advice that I can give is probably to be more careful in addressing the public,” she said.

“Knowing that we are a people of different ages and different ways of thinking. Be more careful in addressing the public, and at the same time, to be aware of the people around him. The people around him are a people who can we really trust and the country can trust.”

In the television show, Pilapil plays the mother of Glenn Acosta (Gabby Concepcion) who is the president of the country in the story.

The cast experienced a lock-in filming due to the pandemic but the veteran actress stated that she was okay with the set-up as it became a way for her to bond with her co-stars.

“Okay naman. Kasama rin ako sa barkada nila. Sometimes, I get to be a counselor. Sometimes, parang nagpapatawa rin ako sa kanila, comedian din ako.”

She added that she gets along with the other stars very well.

“I get along with them very very well. I love them. They’re a nice group.”

When asked about some of their bonding activities, Pilapil mentioned the trendy app TikTok.

“Sumasama ako sa Tiktok, pero sabi ko sa kanila, huwag ninyong ipalabas!” she laughed.

First Yaya will start airing on March 15 via GMA Network’s Telebabad line-up replacing Anak ni Waray vs. Anak ni Biday.


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