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Netizens, personalities show appreciation for; underscores the importance of journalists in times of calamity

DailypediaOctober 2, 2022

The role of journalists in saving lives has never been underscored more than in times of crisis, like the onslaught of the recent super typhoon, Karding.

The Filipinos get reminded of how crucial timely and correct information is, in saving lives, time and time again, especially at times when we collectively confront natural disasters. Being in the so-called ‘Ring of Fire’ and ‘Typhoon Belt’, there is an utter need to be resilient. But should that always be the case?

In the middle of Karding’s rampaging spree across Luzon, and even Metro Manila, and after its terrifying aftermath eventually became apparent, netizens gave props to media and news organizations, not for simply doing their job, but for going to extra lengths to ensure they become instrumental in keeping the super typhoon’s impact just minimum.

Twitter user, KC Canlas, quoted Rappler’s Lian Buan’s reminder about what differentiates real journalists from vloggers and content creators.

“Hats off to journos #KardingPH. I’ve said this over and over again — you prefer vloggers and influencers now for your so-called unbiased content, but on our worst days as a nation, it’s the journalists who will show up. Remember that.”, says his caption to a photo that shows field reporters and news anchors from different TV networks, as they deliver news live.

“This is why your influencers/vloggers can never ever replace journalists,” tweeted Ban, attaching a video of ABS-CBN’s Jorge Cariño making a live report from Aurora, as Karding hammered through the province.

Student leader, Roentgen took a swipe at those who favored ABS-CBN’s shutdown and asked where the vloggers are. It can be recalled that several months back, Malacañang’s move to consider giving accreditation to several vloggers to cover presidential events, earned the ire of netizens and the scrutiny of critics.

When ABS-CBN was shut down, Roque said there’s still the PNA that can cover what’s happening on ground during calamities. Marcos-Duterte vloggers also celebrated the network’s shutdown. Now, where is the PNA and these vloggers to cover the situation on ground amid,” he tweeted.

Stock analyst, JP Tanyag, similarly derided propagandist vloggers, while acknowledging legitimate news personalities, for doing their job.

“”, he said in a tweet.

ALTStarMagic, meanwhile, wanted to remind Filipinos that, “Journalists are not just paid to do their jobs, they are risking their lives to give us much information on what is happening regarding #KardingPH

On the other hand, vloggers get paid to do some work, yet they are not risking their lives for the Filipinos.

“Only journalists are visible in this time of catastrophe. Where are the accredited vloggers?” asked Brix, putting yet again our brave journalists, front and center, in his tweet.

Kapamilya reporter, Jacque Manabat, received commendations from netizens after posting a screenshot from Kapamilya Online Live, which showed all deployed journalists deployed by ABS-CBN to areas affected by the super typhoon. “Kapamilya, anuman ang panahon,” her tweet reads.

Aside from netizens, prominent personalities also showed big commendation for journalists.

“God bless sa lahat ng news crew ngayon na nag cocover ng bagyo sa iba’t ibang locations. thank you sa inyo!”, tweeted television host, Luis Manzano.

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