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Netflix for iPhone gets a visual refresh: more fluidity and gradients

YugatechJanuary 17, 2023

Netflix is rolling out an update that brings refreshed user interface to its iPhone app. It features more fluid animations and gradients across the board, even a parallax effect to some UI elements.

Designers at Netflix is thoughtful enough to keep the home page familiar. Instead of a full poster of a promoted content, it is now placed in a card that moves with a parallax effect through the iPhone’s accelerometer.

Netflix For Iphone Ui Refresh Jan2022

Netflix for iPhone’s new home page | Image/ Janum Trivedi

There are even more gradients to be seen. The subtle glass effect is now applied on the navigation bar and the upper part of the home page.  The ‘wallpaper gradient’ now matches the colors of the poster art.

Filtering content by category is easier with new buttons just above the screen. It works like how Spotify implements it on ‘Your Library’ page. Series and films are separated, and it includes categories button to filter through your content with ease.

Furthermore, switching between profiles brings new launch animations. The ‘Coming Soon’ tab is also redesigned and now called ‘What’s New’ that shows recommended content.

Former Netflix UI designer shared to Twitter a brief demo of the live update. He said he’s been leading a UI refresh since 2022 to make the Netflix app feel more fluid and polished.

Netflix remains one of the biggest players in the video streaming scene but does make more ways to earn profits. Including the launch of its ad-based subscription and the upcoming fee for password sharing this 2023.

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