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Eye care tips for avid gamers and WFH individuals

YugatechSeptember 8, 2022

As the pandemic continues, people are indeed spending more time at home and extending their screen time. Gamers, students, and people working from home are highly involved with heavy computer use. Hence, staring at the screen for long hours may lead to discomfort as our eyes get tired, dry, or itchy. Further, since staying in front of a computer all day has been a norm, people also tend to take their eyesight for granted causing eye problems to develop. If that so, the world might soon be plunging into blurry madness, giving us total discomfort if we wouldn’t care. As we should care, these are the things we should bear in mind for eye care.

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Keep proper distance from the screen

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The ideal viewing distance has something to do with how far away you should be from the computer screen. Ideally, we may keep the screen 25 inches away or at least at the distance of the arm’s length. This distance must also be enough for us to read texts from the screen easily.

Other than the screen’s distance, we may also consider adjusting the display settings. Adjusting the display settings of your computer screen can help lessen eye strain and discomfort. Adjustments on the brightness, text size and color temperature could also help you achieve your viewing comfort.

Check the area’s lighting

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Even so, it is also good to consider setting up the work area with good lighting. Having proper room lighting matters! If the area’s too bright or too dim, it can cause increased eye strain. You may feel better if you will avoid working in an excessively bright or too dark place. Securing your
workplace with good lighting lessens strain on the eyes while improving your eye health and productivity.

Take a break and blink

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Spending less time in front of the screen seems to be the simplest solution for eye discomfort. However, if you’re a student attending online classes or someone who’s working from home, that might not be an applicable option for you. Take breaks instead; everything’s too much could be dangerous. Grant yourself some time for breaks!

Most experts advise the “20-20-20 rule”, in which every 20 minutes, look and focus on something that’s 20 feet (approximately six meters) away for 20 seconds. Looking away from the screen also helps the eye muscles relax and reduce the strain that can otherwise lead to headaches and blurred vision.

Aside from taking a break, blinking could help too! Focusing on a screen may cause you to blink less, making your eyes dry and uncomfortable. Blinking is important for eye care as it prevents dryness and irritation by continuously moistening it.

Choose the right eyewear for you

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Investing in proper eyewear designed for computer use may be essential for people who are likely to stay long hours in front of the screen. If you are wearing corrective eyeglasses, make sure that they still match your vision, and your prescription must be up to date. If you ever notice yourself squinting to try to read or see something, perhaps, your eyeglasses’ grade might no longer match your eyesight. Wearing the incorrect prescription can also cause further eye discomfort.

Nonetheless, experts also suggest wearing glasses that protect the eyes when you are looking at the screen. Some eyeglasses are designed to filter or block the blue light from device screens and help prevent eye strain. Getting the right specs would be of great help; that is why you also better seek your eye doctor’s advice for what best suits you.

Get an eye care companion

Whether you are wearing eyeglasses or not, eye drops could be good for refreshing the eyes. Gladly, Eye Mo has developed a solution called Eye Mo Daily Care, that is intended to gently relieve itchiness and wash away irritants. It may also be used to soothe eyes after removal of contact lenses.

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Get your eyes checked

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On top of all, in instances that you have experienced eye discomfort, headache, or vision changes that don’t get better with self-care, make sure to set an appointment with your eye doctor. Having an annual eye exam is also vital to maintaining and improving your eyesight. After all, prevention is still better than cure. It is essential to ensure regular eye examinations with an eye doctor as part of our overall health.

We must always value our eyes and continue eyeing for our optic’s welfare. We hope it is not yet too late for us to appreciate the value of eye care!

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