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Comedian blasted for complaining about Starbucks baristas small talk culture

DailypediaSeptember 7, 2022

Comedian Tim Tayag has angered netizens after blasting Filipino Starbucks baristas for making small talk with customers.

In a TikTok video, Tayag said he’d love to see baristas give him his coffee without asking him any personal questions.

“It’s too early in the morning. I haven’t had my caffeine. The small chit-chat doesn’t work here [in the Philippines].”

“Just give me my coffee. Let me pay for it. End of transaction,” he said.

He further urged baristas to stop trying to make rapport every time he orders or he’ll buy from a different coffee shop.

“We don’t need to be friends. We don’t need to know anything about our lives or anything that we do. So please, just give me my coffee because if you don’t stop doing this I may just go to a different coffee shop.

“Sorry Starbucks baristas,” he added.

Netizens didn’t take kindly to what Tayag said and attacked him.

Starbucks employees are advised to converse with customers, and many do not see any problem with that.

Netizens said Tayag could smile and let baristas know he isn’t interested in making small talk.

Reddit also went after Tayag. “It’s not because he hasn’t had his coffee yet, he is just an ass. Kidding aside, let the baristas do what they are doing since I bet you they don’t like doing it,” said a Reddit user.

“Don’t take this personally, but your take, Tim Tayag is idiotic, you said it yourself it’s company policy, so why take it out on the baristas who are just doing their work as per their workplace directive. If you don’t like it so much, maybe stop going there and find another coffee shop or let Starbucks corporate office know?” said another.

It appears Tayag just hates baristas based on his past tweets.

His stand-up on YouTube also now has negative comments following his viral rant.

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