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Vlogger Mr. Pogi German earns ire of mayor, netizens for ‘picking up’ Alabang woman in YouTube video

Coconuts ManilaJanuary 9, 2023

A German vlogger who films himself picking up women on the street has earned the ire of netizens and even a city’s mayor.

The vlogger, who calls himself Mr. Pogi German (which translates to Mr. Handsome German, a bit of a red flag in itself), was blasted by Muntinlupa City mayor Ruffy Biazon after the former filmed himself picking up a girl in the Alabang district, kissing her in a motel room, and giving her PHP1,000 (US$18.23) as help.

Muntinlupa City mayor Ruffy Biazon said he found out about the channel after his Facebook page was tagged by concerned users, and has called on the city council to declare the vlogger, apparently a German national, persona non grata.

“Obviously, he is making money out of this. The bad thing is he is actually promoting prostitution,” Biazon said in a mix of Filipino and English.

“At first, I thought he was doing a good deed by helping the 18-year-old single mother and giving her money to spend. I thought the video would end with him bringing the woman to the motel room and then he would give her money and let her go. He would send her home after lecturing her. Obviously, this did not happen. There is a scene that he posted on his vlog where they were hiding under the sheets). To me, it seems that he is promoting that in Muntinlupa, you can get a woman with PHP1,000. That is something we should not tolerate,” the mayor added.

The video shows the vlogger approaching a woman on the street, who introduces herself as an 18-year-old named Abby, and asks her, “Magandang gabi, miss. Magkano?” (Good evening miss. How much [for your services]?)

“PHP1,000 sir all-in, tatlong oras po (for three hours),” the girl replies.

After checking in at a nearby motel, the vlogger takes her to a restaurant where he asks her some questions about her circumstances, claiming, “I want to help you.”

They head to the motel room, where the woman changes into a sexy outfit.

“Wow, you look amazing. Wait, can you stay there? So amazing, so beautiful and cute,” he tells her, before instructing her to lie on the bed.

“You told me you’re only 18 years old, you’re a single mother. I feel so bad [for] you,” he tells her before stripping to his boxers. Then, the vlogger exclaims, “It’s a prank! I mean, I’m actually not here to have sex with you,” and hands her a wad of cash.

The video also shows them making out and hiding under the sheets, with him telling her, “You deserve the money. You are such a nice girl.”

On social media, users slammed Mr. Pogi German’s channel for exploiting Filipinos for content.

“Mr Pogi German is next-level degenerate poverty porn,” Reddit user u/Tent10Ten10Ten10 wrote.

“It’s the fact that he has 410k bobo mankis (dumb perverts) following him,” user u/sugoiboy1 said.

“Please stop exploiting poor people in my country for your content and views. You can either try to make a decent earning by not using ‘poverty porn’ style instead of this stunt. Thank you,” one Facebook user wrote.

“Sorry but this video is inappropriate. You don’t need to take her inside the room and ‘make out.’ You paid her for that, dude. You’re NO DIFFERENT from other men who pay for sex.

This is wrong on so many levels,” another said.

“This video should be reported! If your intention is genuine to help this lady, this content shouldn’t be on social media. You used her for your advantage to get more likes and subscribers, worst you will probably get paid more than what you have given to this poor girl,” one pointed out.

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