Matapos pagawan ng elevator, bahay nila Xian niransak!

January 10, 2021

Nilooban/niransak pala ng mga magnanakaw ang bahay ni Xian Lim sa Antipolo.

Nakakatakot ang kuwento niya at marami ang nakuha sa loob ng kanilang bahay.

Ang feeling ng iba, baka nga na-me­morize ng mga magnanakaw ang bahay ng aktor dahil nga recently lang ay nagpa-house tour siya sa kanyang YouTube channel.

At ito pala ang rason kaya hindi siya nagpo-post lately.

Ipinapagpapasa-Diyos na lang niya ang nangyari.

“Hi everyone, my apologies for not being being able to post these couple of days. I was really struggling to decide if I should make a post about this or not. I still don’t know if this would be a right decision but I feel that it is my duty and obligation to let my followers know what it is I’ve gone through or what is currently happening and hopefully, maybe we can learn a thing or two from the decisions made and moments experienced.

“The other day, I came home and witnessed a nightmare. I saw that a couple windows were shattered, metal grills hammered and filled down. ‘Pag bukas ko ng pintuan, they left a piece of cloth in the front door (I guess to let me know that the place was robbed prior to entering? I’m not really sure)

“I looked around and saw that all the tvs and computer are gone. They also left two planks with nails sticking out. (I’m assuming that this is what they used to break the windows and the locks in the door..could also be used as a weapon? I dont have answers...)

“Anyway, no need to elaborate on the details. Basically there was forcible entry and about 4 people ransacked my home. We are done with the police report etc. and we are now taking the neccesary steps and precautions to keep our place and everyone safe.

“At first, there was nothing but fear and hatred running through my me..I feared for my life, my mom, lola and time passed by, I became grateful that no one was hurt.

“At this point, I hope na kung sino man ang nanghimasok at nagnakaw ng mga kagamitan dito sa amin ay magamit niyo ang perang ‘yan para mapakain ng husto ang pamilya niyo. Diyos na ang bahala sa inyo.

“Keep safe everyone. “It is only in our darkest hours that we may discover the true strength of the brilliant light within ourselves that can never, ever, be dimmed.”

Recently lang nagkaroon ng home improvement si Xian base sa mga post niya.

At kasama nga sa pinadagdag niya sa bahay ay ang pagkakaroon nila ng lift o elevator para sa kanyang lola.

“Throughout the course of the pandemic (3 month lock down), I got to spend time with @mommymaryanne, my lola, lolo and realized how much family time is of huge importance...sometimes we get too caught up in so much work and we forget what truly matters most.

“My grandma chose the room downstairs because she literaly has hundreds of cross-stitch collection and she wants it all by her side.

“She goes up and down the stairs and ayaw magpapigil...even if I had set up her own room upstairs. A few months have passed and I finally decided to aquire this lift and I’m just so amazed with the final product.

“I’ll post a vlog on the process of setting this whole lift up from occular, to unboxing, up ‘til construction! I can’t wait for all you guys to see this..this is truly a happy moment for me. I now have peace of mind knowing that the seniors in my home is safer with this lift,” ang nauna niyang post.

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