Former U.S. Navy arrested for allegedly killing ex-girlfriend in Pangasinan

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January 11, 2021

A retired United States Navy was arrested on Wednesday in Mangaldan, Pangasinan for allegedly shooting to death his ex-girlfriend, who had just given birth.

The suspect, identified as Rommer Gonzales, 40, was arrested after three witnesses accused him of killing his former partner, Maria Theresa Ambas, 39.

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Police suspect that the Gonzales and Ambas were fighting over the custody of their newborn son. The authorities are also studying the possibility that Gonzales was having an affair with another person, leading Ambas to dump him before she had given birth.

“The suspect wanted to take his child,” Lieutenant Colonel Jun Wacnag, chief of the Mangaldan Police, told the news program Balitang Amianan.

“He called the victim, telling her to get out [of the house]. But the woman gave birth just two weeks ago, she was having a hard time [walking], so she didn’t want to get out. And then the suspect went inside the house [and shot her],” Wacnag said.

The suspect is now facing murder charges.

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