Netizens responds to Chico Alicaya's priceless reaction to Kuya's PBB 'Takutan' prank

January 11, 2021

Netizens responded to Chico Alicaya’s hilariously priceless reaction to Kuya’s PBB Takutan prank. 

Earlier, Kuya noticed that some of the boys hoard slices of bread. Kuya then decided to withhold the bread from their supplies and included it in their roadblock task for the day.

Five housemates: Ralph Malibunas, Andrea Abaya, Haira Palaguitto, Kobie Brown, and Ella Cayabyab, completed the task wherein the Valak costumed prankster served them the bread.

When done, Kuya had Chico go into the storage room to take their daily bread supply, but not before giving the adorable housemate a little bit of fright. Because of that, netizens took to Twitter to highlight Chico’s priceless reaction to the prank.

One netizen tweeted urging fans of the show to ‘protect’ Chico.

Another netizen retweeted a post of Chico’s hilariously cautious face as he approached the storage room.

One netizen referenced ‘Swiper’ from the kid’s show, Dora the Explorer, with the ‘Swiper no Swiping’ meme.

Then, another netizen pointed out Chico’s adorably scared reaction to the Valak inspired prankster.

Netizens then tweeted a still shot of the housemate as he tried to pry the storage door room open.

Other netizens even made compilations of clips showing how adorably scared Chico was of the prankster. Some even show Chico’s running frantically away from the Valak prankster.

Over the years, Kuya has had a long-standing tradition of giving housemates a bit of a fright with past seasons of the beloved reality TV show.

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