Mikee Morada annoyed at Alex Gonzaga for her 'Breast Dance' on Tiktok

January 11, 2021

Politician Mikee Morada expressed his annoyance at Lunch Out Loud host and vlogger Alex Gonzaga for her ‘Breast Dance’ for the “34+35” challenge on Tiktok.

Alex posted a typical Tiktok challenge video. However, In the middle of dancing, Alex removed two pandesals from her shirt, revealing she padded her breasts with them. Thus, earning the title, Breast Dance.

Later on, Alex posted a screenshot of a message she received from her fiancé Mikee with the caption “Patay. Nagreact na si Mister Morada.”

In the screen capture of their conversation, Mikee expressed his annoyance over the Tiktok Video.

Mikee wrote, “Ano na naman yan bi. Pangit nung ginawa mo.” But, Alex tried to diffuse the situation by saying, “It’s funny. Bread of life puuu.”


Just last week, rumors that Alex and Mikee already tied the knot surfaced after netizens noticed that Mikee is also wearing a ring on his finger in Alex’s Instagram story. But, neither has confirmed nor denied the rumors.

The couple started their relationship back in 2016 and has been together for more than four years. Three years into their relationship, Mikee proposed to Alex, which she announced on January 16, 2020. The couple had wedding plans for 2020. However, their family got hit with the COVID-19 virus postponing the wedding ceremonies. They have since made a full recovery.

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