Netizens react to relatively huge crowd at the Feast of Black Nazarene

January 11, 2021

Several netizens and Twitter personalities could not help but react to the still huge turnout of devotees at the Feast of the Black Nazarene despite the pandemic.

Forensic pathologist Dr. Raquel Fortun in her tweet shared a video of the ABS-CBN news showing big crowd in Quiapo with a question “At ang panalangin nila ay wag silang magka-covid?”

Netizen @psychokenetics on the other hand also shared a video showing a big crowd in Quiapo disregarding health protocols. He then asked the Church officials and the LGU while did they let the event happen knowing we’re still in the middle of the pandemic.

“Not to encourage this, but the penultimate question really is: knowing the massive number of devotees, why did Quiapo church and LGU allowed the event to happen?”

@myrizalph meanwhile tagged the Twitter accounts of Pope Francis and Archibishop Chito Tagle saying events like this gives the Catholic Chuch bad reputation.

This @Pontifex @CardinalChito THIS TYPE OF COVID SUPERSPREADER ACTIVITY is what gives the Catholic Church a bad reputation and disillusions the THINKING MEMBERS OF ITS FLOCK.”

Other netizens meanwhile directly held the Quiapo church, IATF, and the Manila local government responsible for whatever result that event would have.

“If there would be [a] sudden spike of the cases — it’s on the local govt and Quiapo church. They should know how activities like this could generate thousands of crowd but they failed to anticipate it,” @VolleyVee1

“Crowd estimate at Quiapo as of the moment: 400,000. Manila LGU, Manila Archdiocese, and IATF should be held responsible if this turns out to be a COVID-19 super spreader event,” @iskonglasalista

Earlier in the morning, the crowd estimate has peaked at 400 thousand according to the report of Manila Police District.

Manila Mayor Isko Moreno however disputed the MPD crowd estimate of 400k. Showing a footage from their command center, Yorme asked where’s the 400k crowd that people are criticizing about on social media.

However, Isko’s footage was taken in the afternoon when the crown started to thin compared in the morning where several pictures and video footage showed a big crowd around Quiapo chruch.

Here are other tweets regarding the feared COVID super spreader event in Quiapo.

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