Matteo Guidicelli's PS5 'unboxing' turns into boxing match

January 13, 2021

MANILA, Philippines — Kapamilya actor Matteo Guidicelli put his muscles to the test once again in his Wednesday unboxing video of the PlayStation 5 (PS5) video game console.

In a nearly four-minute-long video, Matteo operated on a PlayStation 5 package to extract its contents.

He is seen catching the box from above like a football, dropping it onto a table, slapping it and then proceeding to tear into it from several points.

“You know what, I have something special to do. The mic, I'll put it right here for you gamers,” the 30-year-old said in the video, holding his microphone against the box.

“ASMR ba tinatawag diyan? Para sa inyo 'yan.”

Matteo then slid the PS5 onto a table which he claimed will not damage the gadget.

"Sa mga nagko-complain diyan, by the way, this table is shock-absorbant so the PS5 doesn't feel any shock. Because the table is from a Cebu company and it's shock-absorbant. See, it bounces," he demonstrated while repeatedly dropping the PS5 onto the table.

He also dropped the controller and console stand on the ground.

“Umm...never mind,” Michael V. commented on the YouTube video.

Matteo first went viral for a widely-panned PlayStation 4 unboxing video in June 2020. The video was ratioed by gamers and other viewers with more than 82,000 dislikes against only around 17,000 likes. — Videos from Matteo Guidicelli via YouTube

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