Kid shocks parents after spending P100K on mobile games

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January 13, 2021

An eight-year-old boy from Davao City ended up spending P100,000 from his parents’ bank account after downloading mobile games that went unnoticed. 

In a viral Facebook post, a certain Julmar Grace Locsin shared that she and her husband were shocked to discover one of their twins Tice’s spending spree after going through their bank statements.

“Good that I was able to track bank statements for our finance team today or else we could have spent more without any clue,” wrote Locsin in a Facebook post last January 6.

According to Locsin, the incident happened after her husband’s old phone was handed over to Tice last Christmas. The phone’s Google Play Store app was connected to her husband’s bank account “because we sometimes rent good movies on YouTube.”

She related that they would allow their kids to use apps such as SuperBook times, Messenger Kids with cousins and friends, and War Robots.

Locsin initially thought that their son spent P40,000 solely on mobile games in two days. It turned out that their “little geek” was able to spend about P100,000!

In a separate post, Locsin’s husband detailed that their son had a total of 58 downloads in a span of five days. 

Update to my wife's post below. We processed the refunds and it turned our that our little Geek spent not just 40k but a…

Posted by Jay Locsin on Friday, January 8, 2021

Locsin shared that they scolded their son for downloading apps without their consent, but they also forgave him right away and stressed on the importance of following rules. 

“He got some spanking because he downloaded more games without asking permission. When asked after, he reasoned that the old games were too easy for him and he thought all the downloads were free,” shared Loscin. 

“He cried a lot after we talked about it and forgave him. He was very sorry (and was too cute with those irresistible eyes). We explained that they are worth MORE THAN all the money in the world but following rules is also a good life skill to abide.”

Locsin and her husband then sorted out how to avoid the same incident in the future: “Parental controls have been added and a password for purchases.”

They have also filed request for a refund of the amount spent on the mobile game purchases.

“One of the things we learned here as a couple is our love and discipline for our kids shouldn’t be driven by money or worldly things. We don’t spank them because we lost money. We discipline to lead them to the life that pleases God,” wrote Locsin’s husband in a Facebook post.

He added, “Money will come and go but the experience our kids get from us in every situation will stay. May we always focus on the things more valuable than money. Things life living right, loving even when it’s difficult and becoming a family that honors Jesus and not the pleasures of this world.”

THAT MOMENT WHEN OUR SON SPENT AT LEAST P40,000 ON MOBILE GAMES!!! 😭😅😱Tabang Lord! Haha. So this happened to us. One…

Posted by Julmar Grace Locsin on Wednesday, January 6, 2021

This is, however, not the first incident where kids “unknowingly” make online purchases through access to their parents or elders’ gadgets.

A three-year-old boy in Catigbian, Bohol recently shocked his relatives after they ended up paying for toys worth more than P4,000 that he ordered online using his grandmother’s cellphone. Another dad in Davao was surprised after his five-year-old son successfully ordered food online after borrowing his phone.

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