Bea Alonzo has this answer when asked about rumored boyfriend Dominic Roque

January 13, 2021

Kapamilya actress Bea Alonzo finally spoke up about her rumored boyfriend Dominic Roque.

In her recent vlog, Bea had a Q&A and ‘Jojowain o Totropahin’ challenge with her mother, Mary Ann.

In the ‘Jojowain o Totraphin’ challenge, Bea and her mom answered whether they wanted certain male celebrities to their friend or boyfriend.

But netizens became ecstatic when Dominic Roque’s name was mentioned last.

With that, Bea, with no hesitations, answered ‘jojowain’ referring to Dominic. Her mother answered the same which somehow implies that she is in favor of Dominic.

Since late 2019, Bea and Dominic have been romantically linked to each other.

Speculations are rooted in the hints dropped in their posts on Instagram.

In October 2019, Dominic attended Bea’s exclusive birthday party. They also had a trip to Japan together, a month after her birthday.

In July 2020, Dominic posted a photo of himself and Bea taken in a restaurant in Tokyo.


And recently, their rumored relationship again created a buzz online because of Dominic’s post where the hand with a peace sign in the background looks similar to Bea’s which she also posted in her IG story.


But in an interview, Bea disaffirmed the rumors and claims that Dominic is her good friend.

Are they just choosing to keep things private? Or is it true that they are just friends?

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