Ai-Ai delas Alas shares how husband used 'law of attraction' to get dream car

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February 23, 2021

Ai-Ai delas Alas took pride in her husband Gerald Sibayan for having purchased his dream car.

In a recent Instagram post, Ai-Ai happily shared that Gerald’s newly-bought Mercedes-Benz vehicle is the fruit of his hard work and determination. 

“Flex ko lang ang asawa kong masipag at determinado sa buhay… Nakakatuwa ‘tong tao na ‘to. ‘Pag sinabi niya, mangyayari talaga. Nagugulat na lang ako,” wrote Ai-Ai in the caption. 

Ai-Ai related that Gerald has been telling her of his desire to buy a new car and asking permission to do so since December last year. 

But when she asked him if he already had enough money to purchase one, Ai-Ai thought Gerald was joking when he told her he would use the law of attraction.

The law of attraction is a belief that suggests positive thoughts create positive results in a person’s life and vice versa.

Last January, Gerald asked for Ai-Ai’s permission once again, but it was only on February 15 when she allowed him to purchase the car as a gift to himself after seeing how he really worked hard and saved money for it. 

“Nakita ko naman paano siya mag hirap sa araw-araw, mag puyat sa presentation para sa mga bagong franchisee. Walang oras, puyat to the max dahil ibang franchisee nasa ibang bansa na iba-iba oras,” said Ai-Ai. 

“Pumayag na din ako gift niya sa sarili niya sabi ko at saka pinakitaan nako ng ipon niya na nagulat ako kay Mr. Law of attraction, nyeta may pera pala talaga hahahaha.

She added, “So eto na nga may Benz na ang lolo naten… I AM SO PROUD OF YOU HUSBAND PAWER!!!”

Meanwhile, on Instagram, the former DLSU star badminton player shared his three steps to make the Law of Attraction work: “Set a goal, make a plan and achieve it all.”

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