Teka, Teka, Teka singer crosses over to movie acting

February 23, 2021

MANILA, Philippines — After releasing the bubblegum-pop song, Teka, Teka, Teka last year, Christi Fider is making a crossover to the movies as part of Saranggola Media Productions, Inc.’s Ayuda Babes. The comedy, directed by Joven Tan, is about the lockdown experiences of gay people. Christi’s Teka, Teka, Teka somehow complements the movie’s thrust to provide laugh-out-loud entertainment as it spreads good vibes in these challenging times.

“I feel very blessed na sunod, sunod yung projects,” she said in a virtual interview with The STAR, “I still can’t believe it, (having the chance to cross over) from music to film. Nakakatuwa.”

Prior to this first-ever mainstream movie, Christi has done short films on YouTube before for Adobo Studios. With this one, she mustered up the courage to work before the camera with comedians like Joey Paras.

“My role is the niece of Joey’s character, who is a parlorista encountering financial setbacks because of the pandemic,” shared Christi. “This prevents customers from going to parlors.”

While the gay characters try to make sense of the situation and find another livelihood, Christi’s character is preoccupied by the thought of love. “She is looking for love,” said the singer, who just had fun working on the set and being with comedians most of the time.

Since they shot in the new normal, the Ayuda Babes team had to comply with the health protocols. “At first, I was nervous because I might be the cause of delay,” said Christi of her being a greenhorn. “As much as possible, I tried to be on my toes always, takot akong magkamali (I was afraid to make mistakes). Direk Joven guided me and reminded me not to entertain such thoughts. All my scenes were light. I was told to be myself.”

Ayuda Babes will give viewers a glimpse into that life in the early part of the lockdowns caused by the pandemic. It is presented through the movie’s hybrid genre of black comedy, comedy of errors, parody and satire.

“Lahat nanibago because it arrived unceremoniously or without any notice and (it caught us by surprise),” recalled Christi of the global health crisis. “It’s going to be one year (in March) since the lockdown (was implemented to contain the coronavirus spread). It’s a challenge for us and we need to adapt at dito nakita yung pagiging madiskarte ng mga Filipino (and it shows how resourceful Filipinos are).”

In the movie, Christi is paired with Marlo Mortel, who appears in a special role and whom Christi described as “magaan siyang katrabaho. Since it was my first time to act (in a mainstream project), he helped me all throughout. Hindi ako nailang sa kanya.”

What’s next for Christi’s budding career?

“I hope to do more movie projects,” she said. “So far, I’m thankful for the opportunities that have come my way. I manifest that there are more to come. We’re working on another single to be released (sometime) this year.”

Also in the movie are Gardo Verzosa, Iyah Mina, Ate Gay, It’s Showtime’s Miss Q and A First Season Queen Juliana Porizcova Segovia, Negi, Brenda Mage, Petite Brockovich, Berni Batin, Zeus Collins, Bidaman Dan Delgado and Marc Logan.

Ayuda Babes will begin streaming on March 5 via iWant, TFC and Ktx.Ph. Purchase your advance tickets.

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