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BAKA and TEST - Summon the Beasts - Episode 06 [English Sub]

Muse Philippines
1 year ago

Episode Title: Me, Pools, and Swimsuit Paradises... and... Episode Summary: Y?ji visits Akihisa, only to have a skirmish and finally tries to bathe in the pool, but was stopped by S?ichi Nishimura. As they were told to clean the pool next Saturday, Y?ji invites Mizuki, Minami, Hideyoshi, and K?ta to help along. He also invites Sh?ko, out of fear of what she will do to him when she learns of their event, and also, Hazuki, Minami's little sister, decides to tag along as well (and later, Aiko and Miharu). Hilarity and chaos ensues in the swimming pool and the outdoor baths ensues as the idiots irrevocably cause the eruption of embarrassing and disturbing mishaps and accidents.