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BAKA and TEST - Summon the Beasts - Episode 08 [English Sub]

Muse Philippines
1 year ago

Episode Title: Recklessness, Labyrinths, and the Avatar Instrumentality Project Episode Summary: The first we have Minami fussing over a photo in Akihisa's hand, then challenging him to a mock ESB, but the ESB field glitches, and the beings are acting weird, especially Akihisa's, and have taken adult versions of themselves. Kaoru sends Akihisa in, with his friends in the control room guiding him. But little did he know what he was going to face as his sh?kanj? clambers up the vent entrance. This episode pays homage to the popular Neon Genesis Evangelion series. This is evident in the episode's name, the mock command center, and other various features (along with a Code Geass reference).