SB19 is serving us king energy in the lkalawang Yugto teaser trailer

February 16, 2021


Photo credit: SB19 YouTube channel 

Finally! After counting down the days until Ikalawang Yugto’s release, A’TINs finally got a glimpse of SB19’s new concept. The teaser trailer features the boys stylishly strutting, posing, and emoting in the great outdoors draped in only the finest materials that are fit for royalty. While the setting may look like an otherworldly kingdom, the patterns are undoubtedly Pinoy Pride to the core. 


Photo credit: titaluhaaa Twitter page

You can count on SB19 to flex their nationality every step of the way, having a Filipino creative team helming this production. And their love for the country positively influences the fandom as well. A’TINs have revitalized the local language for the social media age with their generous use of the Filipino vocabulary. You’ve got fan terms like #kuharili (selfie), bagong yugto, pinuno, and more!


Photo credit: nemnem95 Twitter page

P-POP stans may feel soft for the Get in the Zone debut era but they are absolutely fanning themselves over the grown-up Ikalawang Yugto. We can’t wait to see the full version of this look backed by fierce vocals.


You can watch the majestic trailer and bask in the greatness of SB19’s new aesthetic. 

What do you think about their new look?

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