ATEEZ dominates ‘Stan World’ contest thanks to non-stop voting from ATINY

March 31, 2021


Photo credit: ATEEZ Twitter page 

Seeing ATEEZ all over the Twitter feed is always a welcome sight but this time, there’s a particular reason for that. Remember when we gave a quick rundown of the Stan World social media app? The K-POP-centric app just held another online voting event where stans vote for their favorites in a particular category to earn points and rewards. Well, ATINY was quick to take action and started using the hashtags #ATEEZonTop and #EYESonATEEZ, which quickly climbed the trend charts. 


Photo credit: ATEEZInterN Twitter page


Photo credit: ATEEZUD Twitter page


Photo credit: hongsantopia Twitter page

Other bands catching up in the votes include Stray Kids and Treasure. This regular fan voting contest goes to show that we should never underestimate the power and influence of the K-POP fandom. (Imagine if more institutions were as organized as these stans!) If you need more inspiration to create your vote post, then immerse yourself in the scorching hot “Fireworks (I’m The One)” MV below. (The apocalypse vibe hits differently when you see the boys roughing it out while suited up.)




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