TrueID and Bounce Back PH join forces and share lessons on how SMEs can thrive in the new normal

February 24, 2021


This year, TrueID Philippines and Bounce Back PH/Bounce Back Network (BBN) signed a contract ensuring a collaborative partnership that offers assistance to the small and medium-sized enterprise (or SME) sector of the industry. Both companies are aligned with providing hope to Filipinos during a time of crisis. TrueID promotes positive and uplifting content, while Bounce Back PH offers recovery programs and education for SMEs. The virtual event was attended by the True Digital Country Head Dindo Marzan and Bounce Back PH founder Jason Dela Rosa, who signed the contract on behalf of their respective organizations. We wanted to learn more based on their expertise and asked for business advice in coping with the uncertainties of the current environment.



On promoting advocacy and authenticity as a company

When working for an advocacy, you must ask yourself first if this is something you are willing to pursue regardless of profit or recognition. Jason says, “Consumers can feel and detect your authenticity. Focus on helping people rise up again. Success comes when you create a purpose for your company that is centered around others, and that is how people will remember you even after a crisis. There is a great opportunity for your brand to become a beacon of hope.”

Dindo adds, “Pursue an advocacy that is truly close to your heart and something that you will gladly do even though nobody is watching.” 



On working as a small but agile team

Independent businesses were hit hard during the pandemic and ensuing lockdown, which left most with a skeletal workforce. So, how should they deal in this kind of situation? TrueID has more than enough experience in this regard. Although the company is part of a larger regional conglomerate, the local team works more like a start-up setup during the early stages of growth and expansion. TrueID operates much like an SME, accomplishing great tasks with a smaller team plus, the added layer of executing this remotely from their homes. BBN’s Jason also shares that since his organization mostly consisted of volunteers, he was also running it as a one-man show for a while. For both, constant communication and coordination helped them thrive in the new normal. This helps us realize that when it comes to facing challenges, it’s totally okay to reach out for help. 



On navigating the new normal as an SME

In true bayanihan form, both companies assure struggling SMEs that they are not alone in this endeavor. 

This year, Bounce Back PH will implement plans on, well, bouncing back such as The Practical Coaching Series, which offer free business and life guidance to the community. This program involves a hundred top coaches in the country, which will be streaming live for everyone. Another project will help SMEs sell their wares through live selling, systematic purchases by student groups, and eCommerce. There will also be a partnership with large corporations and groups to provide mileage and value to small business owners, assisting them in cost-efficient operations while they are on the road to recovery. 

TrueID will be supporting BBN’s initiatives such as mounting interactive events, spreading the word, and creating massive awareness for this SME-driven advocacy. This simple and intimate virtual signing is only the first small step to many more collaborative projects and moving forward.

In the meantime, how should Filipinos go about handling their businesses during the crisis? Dindo and Jason believe that the Filipinos’ optimism can go a long way in facing life’s trials, challenges, and hardships. 

Jason advises, “The best thing to stay afloat is to learn the concept of quick wins. Instead of looking far ahead into uncertainty, make sure that you win the small battles first, always minding your cash flow and cash position. Learn to let go of things that you feel will not work anymore and explore new opportunities. And lastly, consult, converse, and join communities. Many minds are better than one.”

Dindo agrees and adds, “Continue to collaborate, learn, and participate. There’s power in numbers. Being part of a community like Bounce Back will not only keep your business but also [maintain] your sanity during this pandemic crisis. Kapit-bisig lang po tayo!”

This partnership reminds us that things can only happen through teamwork because otherwise, it’s difficult to push forward. Transferring knowledge and disseminating information is key to enduring this crisis and sustaining small businesses. This goes to show that even though we’re forced to be physically distant from one another, that doesn’t mean that we can’t reach out and help through other means. Human compassion is the driving force that will add warmth in the coldness of remote technology. 

Through prioritizing authenticity and celebrating the small victories every step of the way, TrueID and BBN aim to eventually create the biggest coalition that the Philippines has ever seen in terms of bouncing back the economy. 

With their combined reach, there will be a much larger impact in the market.

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