How to set up your dream recording studio at home

January 29, 2021


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Whether you’re working remotely from home or creating content for vlogs, establishing the proper physical space can create the appropriate mindspace. When both hustle and leisure take place in the same location, the roles and responsibilities can get blurry. To maintain the ideal work-life-balance you need to set up a separate area, so that once you leave it, you can start relaxing. But how does one start building their so-called battle station? Don’t worry, we got you!


Spot your special space


Photo credit: Ica Cheng Instagram page 

As they say in real estate, it’s all about “location, location, location.” To get work done, you need to stay away from noise and distractions. So perhaps it’s not ideal to situate yourself near the kitchen or else you might end up going back-and-forth. And as you will learn in this feature, you don’t need a whole separate room to accomplish this because with the right adjustments, you can turn every nook and cranny into an office or study space. The important thing is that you have enough leg room so you’re not too cramped in. 

Next, you’ll need the essentials for a productive environment. Since you will be spending hours on end sitting down and leaning over, you’d want to use furniture that’s both comfy and sturdy. Determine the size of your desk by keeping these questions in mind: Are you using a laptop or a PC? Do you need extra space to write or draw? 

For the chair, we recommend proper padding that supports your back so that you can sit for long periods of time. However, the chair shouldn’t be too comfortable that you end up dozing off during an online meeting. 


Unleash your lights and sounds


Photo credit: Ica Cheng Instagram page 

If you want to be seen and heard, you must invest in quality equipment. Some of the usual setups include ring lights, light stands, a boom mic or even just a reliable web cam. 

But there’s no need to splurge immediately! To manage expenses, you should narrow down your objectives first. Think about the kind of work that you do. If you just need the light for online meetings and classes, you can use a small ring light, the type that you can clip on desks, or an LED lamp will do the job.  

If you want to level up and stage photoshoots and record videos for your online content, then you’re gonna need a bigger ring light, the type that has a built-in stand. And just to take it a step further, you can get LED strip lights. These provide different hues that help you change the mood and feel of your place.

Because of the popularity of a work-from-home setup, light and sound equipment are now more accessible online. Just make sure to read reviews to protect yourself as well. 


Personalize your battle station


Photo credit: Ica Cheng Instagram page 

Here comes the fun part! Arrange the space with items that give you all the good vibes and remind you why you are working so darn hard in the first place. This could be a framed picture, a toy collection, and anything else that makes you smile. You can get your daily dose of inspiration by just glancing away from the computer screen. 

While function is key, you shouldn’t forget about the design as well. A customized desk mat gives that instant oomph while also providing more space to use your mouse, plus, it keeps your table clean. And why not try getting a mouse and keyboard in your favorite color while you’re at it? 

Now if you don’t want any personal items to be seen behind you during a serious business online call, then you should get a makeshift background. You can try putting up an ironed-out cloth or decorate a blank wall with party streamers. For a more natural feel though, you can dedicate a day to organizing the clutter behind you, bring out that movie poster, stack up some books, and place a potted plant for starters. This makes you look more professional and provides a shorthand glimpse into your personality. 

This is only the beginning because there is so much more that you can do when you have a dedicated space for creativity and productivity. When you’re feeling a lot more confident about the setup, you can even try switching things up on a regular basis. Just because you’re working doesn’t mean it has to look boring and a simple selfie session also deserves a professional touch. 

Remember that an ideal and effective space will not only allow you to look and sound great, but also inspire you to create quality content. Clear out a space and let’s set it up!




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