A walk on the beach inspired the Ben&Ben song “Inevitable”

February 26, 2021


Photo credit: Sony Music Philippines 

If you’re ever stuck in a creative rut, seek inspiration from the production process of Ben&Ben’s latest track, which was released last Valentine’s Day. Their single “Inevitable” was thought up by Paolo Benjamin (lead vocals and acoustic guitar) while enjoying an afternoon run by the beach near the band’s house. (ICYDK: All nine members live together)

So perhaps, taking a break from your usual churn will spark that creativity. You can even just stretch it out and walk around indoors. 

You can also try something new and reinvigorate your regular work routine just like what Ben&Ben did. Usually, the band will jam together a few times before recording the material but for “Inevitable,” they wanted to go in a different direction. Poch Barretto (lead guitar and backing vocals) shares in a statement, “We decided to record a demo individually then went to record our parts a few days after without knowing how the song would sound like in the end.” 

There was also the added challenge of their bandmate Toni needing to record her parts from home since she was recovering from surgery at the time. Thankfully, everything came together perfectly with the end result below.

Listening to the track is quite the transcendental experience, sending us soaring far away from home. Miguel Benjamin (lead singer and acoustic guitar) explains the musicality behind it, “Our process started with a mix of acoustic guitars, which I tweaked with sitar effects as the main intro riff. We then built everything around this contrasting union with Jam’s drums and Agnes’ bass carrying the steady base of the song, and then Pat’s piano, Poch’s electric guitar and pads, Keifer’s violin, Andrew and Toni’s percussions, backing vocals, and some ambient sounds.” 


Photo credit: Sony Music Philippines 

“Inevitable” was such a bop that it became the background music for SMART’s ad featuring Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin, A.K.A. BinJin. 


Although the initial impression would identify “Inevitable” as a love song, the actual message is relatable whether you are part of a CLOY loveteam or not. Paolo explains, “It’s a song about being real with someone and that no matter how scary that may seem at times, there is freedom in bearing your truest nature with someone dear to you, even if that someone is yourself.” The fact that everything originated from a leisurely jog gives us hope that we can find creative inspiration anywhere. 

How do you motivate yourself to create?  

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