Spoiler alert! Attack on Titan’s first major character death for the final season hits us hard

February 1, 2021


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Attack on Titan’s fourth and final season is shaping up to be the kind of arc that will go down in anime history with the show trending like clockwork online with every new episode. While the final season has been generally popular, there are a few standout episodes that made the Internet explode such as the Ackerman clan attack, which got viewers cheering for Levi and Mikasa to wreck the opposition. However, the Twitterverse is bustling right now for a much sadder reason and that is to mourn the passing of a beloved character. 


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While death is par for the course when you’ve got a high-risk job in the Survey Corps, we never expected to lose one of our major cadets so soon. (Well, unless you’ve read the manga of course but don’t spoil it for the anime watchers!) Before we continue, we just want to warn you once again that this is a major spoiler for the final season and involves a character being killed off from the show. Okay, let’s push forward because this is going to be a tough one. Are you ready? Then scroll down. 


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Sadly, we bid farewell to our favorite potato princess who captured hearts from the moment she was shown sneaking in a bite of steamed potato during military training. Sasha Blouse (or Braus) has been with us since the first season, providing much-needed humor in the war-torn world of Attack on Titan. Sasha was the subject of many AoT memes because she was one of the most relatable characters in the series, showing obvious fear when faced with trouble but still continuing to fight alongside her teammates.

What’s most frustrating about Sasha’s death was the fact that she survived so many battles against Titans but died at the hands of Marleyan kids. It was quiet, it was sudden, and we still can’t get over it. What best sums up our reaction was the expression of utter horror on the faces of her friends


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If AoT fans were already shaking and crying due to this great loss, we can’t imagine how Jean and Connie must have felt since they were an inseparable trio since their training days. When Eren, Mikasa, and Armin were off pursuing their own heavy plot, we could count on Jean, Sasha, and Connie to give us a more lighthearted break. Now that the cheeriest member of the crew is gone, it really feels like the final season means serious business. Now, we’re just rooting for team Paradis to go beast mode and avenge their fallen friend. 


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Rest in potato power, Sasha Blouse! Your love for food will continue to inspire us. We hope that you are enjoying an unlimited buffet of meat, bread, and potatoes in the afterlife.




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