What kind of cheesy person are you?

December 12, 2020


Are you just the right amount of senti or are you unapologetically sappy? 


Caring Comedian 

You occasionally indulge in a little slice of cheese every now and then but are probably too embarrassed to outright admit that you actually care. Like a cheeseburger, you are comfort food in human form so if they’re feeling down, you’ll do your best to cheer them up. You’re the type of person who will tack on a “haha!” to pass off meaningful messages as a joke but given time, you’ll eventually open up to them. 


Healthy Kinda Senti

Your cheesiness shows in the way you fuss over another person’s physical, mental, and emotional wellness. Like a squash, cauliflower n’ cheese meal, you are a healthy presence that nourishes their life. You are the first to drag them out for a morning jog, keep tabs on them when they’re not feeling well, and offer a listening ear to their problems.


Low-Key Thoughtful

You are consistently caring in the subtlest of ways that those who are just getting to know you may not realize it in the beginning. Like a spinach with goat cheese soup, you are warm and soothing with just the slightest hint of cheesy. Whether you’re sending random links just because it reminded you of the person or keeping a jacket handy for them, your little gestures speak volumes. 



Sweet and Sappy

You can pull off classic moves straight out of a romance novel such as love letters, candlelit meals, the works without looking like a total cheeseball. Like cheesecake, you are sweet without being too cloying. You endearingly wax poetic about the other person and feel all the feels. 


Creatively Cheesy

You have some out-of-the-box ideas on how to express your love such as leading them on a scavenger hunt or popping up in costume. Just like this fried mac and cheese, you make a strong impression and a lasting impact. Your antics may leave others confused but as long as the object of your affection is happy then it’s mission accomplished.

Do you want more cheese, please? Check out this Daily Dose video below! 

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