Sosyal! The BTS boys are the official endorsers of Louis Vuitton

April 23, 2021


Photo credit: Louis Vuitton/Twitter

Ilabas na ang kaban ng bayan dahil confirmed (with a triple “e”) that BTS are the official House Ambassadors of Louis Vuitton. LV will be collaborating with BTS for a special collection that’s coming soon. The high-end fashion brand praises the internationally renowned K-POP boy band saying, “[They] are recognized for their uplifting messages that impart a positive influence.”

Curious about their upcoming fashion editorial? During the recent Grammy awards, we got a sneak peek of the boys in custom-made LV suits. 

Ayan, so may pagkain ka na care of McDo BTS meal, may damit ka pa! Handa na ba ang wallet ninyo para sa latest pasabog ng LV? (Kahit keychain man lang!)

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