Win Metawin’s 1st single hits 10M views on Youtube!

December 18, 2020


Photo credit: @winmetawin Instagram account

Thai actor, singer, and model Win Metawin’s music video for his 1st single That Person Must Be You hits 10 million views on Youtube. He’s also trending on Twitter across Southeast Asia, including the Philippines!



Photo credit: @WMyanmarfc Twitter account



Best known for his team-up with Bright Vachirawit on the hit BL series 2gether and Still 2gether, it has been a very successful year for Win. Aside from the single released back in September as part of the Still 2gether OST, the actor has numerous endorsements and was recently reunited with Bright for a music video with Ada, another Thai singer, made especially for the Special Olympics in Thailand.

Win’s rise to becoming an in-demand Thai celebrity doesn’t stop in 2020. He will also be part of F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers next year, a reboot with Bright Vachirawit as Kavin and Thyme. Here’s the recently released trailer for the series.

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