Happy birit-day, Regine Velasquez-Alcasid!

April 22, 2021


Photo credit: Regine Velasquez-Alcasid/Twitter/Instagram 

Para sa mga fans, kahit gaano katagal pang panahon ang lumipas and no matter how many jowas (real or imaginary) have come and gone–si Ate Reg ay wala pa ring kupas in our hearts.

Regine Velasquez-Alcasid certainly has a lot to celebrate today since she recently held a successful digital concert entitled, Freedom. Preview video pa lang, panalo na!

Regine shares her thoughts on the Freedom concert in a statement, “Ang feeling ko I’m just singing to one person.” Na-feel rin namin!

Ano nga ba ang ganap sa birthday ni Regine?


Photo credit: Regine Velasquez-Alcasid/Instagram 

Gifts came in early and Asia’s songbird was more than happy to share them on her Instagram profile. For instance, may bonggang pa-birthday ang ASAP family, where she has been a host for ASAP Natin ’To since 2018. She posted not just one but two gifts, first was a cake, with balloons and banners, while the other was a bouquet of flowers. 

She captioned the photo with the balloons and cake with, “What a wonderful surprise from my ASAP NATIN ’TO FAMILY!!! Thank you so much guys. You always make me feel loved. Thank you again, love you guys!” 

Fellow celebrities also greeted Regine, such as comedian Allan K who said, “Happiest birthday. May the good Lord continue to make you shine!!!” While film and stage actress, comedienne, and host Eugene Domingo greeted the singer with a loud, “HEYPI BERTDAY!!!”  


Photo credit: Regine Velasquez-Alcasid/Instagram 

Hindi naman nagpatalo sa regaluhan si Christian Bautista dahil may birthday pakain naman ang fellow singer! Regine says of the sweet gesture, “Thank you so much, @xtianbautista and yes, kinain ko lahat ng foods na yan, birthday ko wag kayong ano diyan!” 

In an epic crossover of ’90s Pinoy pop culture, pati si Juday ay may message at sabi niya, Happy Birthday, mars,” complete with kissing emoji. Grabe! Daig pa ang noontime variety show sa dami ng stars na bumati kay Ate Reg online. 


Photo credit: Regine Velasquez-Alcasid/Instagram 

However, the cutest gift that Regine received was from her 9-year old son with husband Ogie Alcasid, Nathaniel or nicknamed ‘Boo’, who gave his mom a red drawstring bag with self-care goodies like candy and essential oils. Regine captioned the post saying, “Boo’s gift to mom. Love you, Boo.” Awww! 

Happy birthday once again to the beautiful face that launched a thousand impersonations, LGBTQ+ icon, Asia’s songbird, and the one and only birit queen, Regine! Pangako, ’di ka namin iiwan at tuluy-tuloy lang ang suporta!

What do you think is the ultimate Regine Velasquez song?

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