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Earrings ni Pia Wurtzbach ang agimat ni Rabiya Mateo para sa Miss Universe

May 7, 2021


Photo credit: Rabiya Mateo/Instagram, Pia Wurtzbach/Instagram 

Pak na pak ang bagong reported na accessory ni madam Rabiya Mateo bilang may winning history ito. At a virtual press conference, the 24-year-old beauty queen revealed that she gathered up the courage to ask former Miss Universe, Pia Wurtzbach, for any item that she can borrow and use at the pageant as her lucky charm.

Mateo shares, “Sabi ko, ‘Miss Pia baka may something ka naman na maipahiram sa akin. I just want to make sure to grab that chance. At least wala kang pinalagpas na pagkakataon.” 

Agree kami diyan! Kasi naman, when you’re competing at a high-stakes beauty pageant like Miss Universe, you’ll need all the help you can get. Buti na lang Rabiya Mateo hails from a country that churns out pageant winners for breakfast with four Miss Universe titles under our belt. 

According to the statistics portal Statista, the Philippines ranks second for number of international beauty pageant crowns behind Valenzuela. (We are going to snatch your crown, Valenzuela! Chos lang pero medyo hindi joke.)

Our reigning Miss Universe Philippines has been doing a bang-up job so far in the fashion department. Look no further than her yellow-golden gown, her gorgeous aquatic-themed terno, and edgy shoot.

Ready naman si Rabiya Mateo sumabak sa labanan pero of course, there’s nothing wrong with relying on a little lucky charm. After all, to be successful means doing everything in your power (within reason, ha?) to reach your goal. 

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Mateo was quite pleased when Wurtzbach agreed and shares, “And Miss Pia is so…she’s so kind. Pinahiram niya sa akin yung earrings na ginamit niya during Miss Universe. So parang yun [ang] agimat na dala-dala ko ngayon.”   

Our current Miss Universe Philippines thinks that her agimat shall increase her chances of winning the country’s fifth Miss Universe title. 


Photo credit: Rabiya Mateo/Instagram, Pia Wurtzbach/Instagram 

According to Rabiya Mateo, Queen P was also kind enough to also share some advice, which Mateo has taken to heart. 

Rabiya elaborates further and says, She told me not to open my social media anymore. Just post something and then close it right away. Because you don’t want to disturb your inner peace. It’s very important. The competition, it’s a mental game and if you really want to win, you really need to protect your inner peace.” 

Mukhang kailangan natin yan bilang maraming nega sa paligid kaya social media break muna ’pag may time. 

This was such a sweet story and a testament to the #WomenSupportingWomen vibe of the Miss Universe Philippines delegates from past to present.

Kung ikaw ay sasali sa isang beauty pageant, ano ang magiging agimat mo?

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