Why do we hear boss music? Because Mikasa and Levi steal the show in the latest Attack on Titan episode, “The War Hammer Titan”

January 18, 2021


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The final season of Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) had a lot of hype surrounding it since airing last month due to a lot of factors. First, MAPPA studio took over production of the fourth season from WIT Studio, which means otakus are anticipating significant shifts in animation. (So far, so good!) Then, we finally see events unfold from the POV of the opposing Marley nation. With all that attention on the other side of the war, we haven’t been able to see much of our faves from the Survey Corps.. that is until the most recent episode. 

(Warning: Spoilers abound from this point on, so scroll at your own risk!)



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The band is almost back together! The only ones missing so far are Armin and Hange. Well okay, we did already see a bit of Eren previously, plus, he’s got that epic battle with the War Hammer Titan going on in this episode. However, it was the dynamic entrance of both Mikasa and Levi that ascended the entire AoT fandom.


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And even for the Ackermans, it’s quite a feat to stand out in an action-packed episode filled with sprawling battles and an all-out Titan-versus-Titan brawl, and fans were quick to joke about it. But their aerial moves and acrobatics never fail to impress and have been likened to certain web crawlers (seen above). Levi also has the distinction of having only around 20 seconds of screen time and still owning every second of it. (Now that is what we call boss energy!)


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Otakus are having a feast with the majority very pleased with the production value and its loyalty to the source material, as shown in this side-by-side comparison post. And much like the protagonists in the series, the animation studio have gone above and beyond, humanity prevailing against struggle. 


Despite the recent pandemic, they were able to serve us this masterpiece and so #ThankYouMappa. We can’t wait for the next episode!

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