ARMY theory confirmed! BTS comeback date revealed in the ‘Butter’ video

April 28, 2021


Photo credit: BTS/Twitter/YouTube

For months, the ARMY fans have been speculating the official BTS comeback date. Of course, the Internet detectives quickly set out on a mission to find out as they painstakingly search for clues as if they were Sherlock Holmes cracking a case. As we have come to learn while following BTS news, nothing gets past the ARMY.


Photo credit: seokjinmylabsss/Twitter 

Earlier in the month, “BTS IS COMING” became a trending topic due to a K-Media article that said the group will be releasing a new single in May and that solo tracks from some of the members will be released as well. “KTH1” also trended online because this became the fan nickname for V’s still unnamed album A.K.A. Kim Taehyung 1. 

BTS stans have already made a hobby out of overanalyzing the breadcrumbs left by the boy band’s official social media channels. Perhaps the most popular theory this year was based on how the BTS vlog’s total running time 1:25 hinted at the actual release date.

Finally on April 26, fans got the confirmation they needed through the mysterious butter video below.

Did we just spend an hour of our lives watching butter melt? Yes and it was worth every minute (and the imaginary calories)! BTS finally dropped an official date at the end of the video and the fandom rejoiced. 


Photo credit: ot7religion/Twitter 

Overthinking and overanalyzing for the win! The BTS comeback is set for release on May 21 at 12:00pm, Philippine time. 

Now that the case has been solved, detectives have set their sights on V’s upcoming mixtape release using the same theory.


Photo credit: ot7religion/Twitter 

We previously reported about V’s lullaby track and it seems like the ARMY are focusing on the time as well, predicting a May 24 release date. 

Another theory currently circulating is a possible BTS x Ariana Grande collaboration.


Photo credit: lNTERLVDESHADOW/Twitter 

According to online posts, Grande allegedly posted a butter emoji on her Twitter account but as of this writing, it’s nowhere to be found. It could be a solid theory since we already know that RM vibes to Ariana Grande’s music. It’s only a matter of time until ARMY finds out!

Are you excited for BTS’ comeback this May? What are the other popular BTS fan theories that you know?

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