Explorers: Adventures of the Century S1 Ep. 6: Big Wave surfers at Pororoca

2012 • 23 mins

Because our world has been explored and mapped down to the most hostile and remote areas, adventurers are relentlessly on the hunt for new challenges. “eXplorers – Adventures of the Century” profiles the wild dozen most extraordinary people – both men and women – in their quest for the ultimate adventure. Here’s apnea diver and mountaineer Annelie Pompe attempting to be the first person ever to both reach the highest peak (on Mt. Everest) and make the deepest dive on earth, while Australian hang-glider pilot Jon Durand boldly dares to ride the “Morning Glory” cloud, an extremely turbulent and treacherous cloud wave in the Australian skies. And no exit point is too extreme for BASE jumper Valery Rozov, while Irish marathon swimmer Stephen Redmond withstands the grueling open seas to become the first man to swim across all the “Ocean’s Seven”. They all venture into new territory, pushing their personal limits to the extreme and taking the viewer on the adventure of a lifetime.