Field Guide to Innovation

2016 • 22 mins • 1 seasons

As societies face increasingly complex problems, design is emerging as the tool to solve some of Asia's biggest issues from plastic bag waste in Cambodia, food safety in China, unmet medical needs in India to apathy in modern Singapore. Through field trips with citizens and designers skilled in human-centred design, FIELD GUIDE TO INNOVATION shows how we can turn problems into opportunities by extracting meaning from everyday surrounds and unlocking innovation through the understanding of people. These designers are disruptors in their field. Serial inventor, Dr Jadgish Chaturvedi was shortlisted by MIT Technology Review 2016 as one of the world's 35 Innovators under 35. Investor and serial entrepreneur, Mathilda Ho is blazing the trail of sustainable food systems in China with an e-commerce platform and Food+Tech accelerator. Management professor, Dr Anil Gupta is widely respected as India's Father of Grassroots Innovation.

Rikta Krishnaswamy • Jagdish Chaturvedi • Matilda Ho • Anil Gupta • Thar Htet • Mizah Rahman
Ip Yoke Ee • Rachel Gan • Amelia Su • Von Tan